Things I Love:

Things I Love:
While watching a film, there was one particular quote that stood out to me: "You are what you love and not what loves you."

So today, I sat down to reflect on what I love...I started this list with the hopes of writing at least 50 things, thinking I could never make it to 100. But it was easier than I thought to keep listing and loving. You also try this for yourself, do the same. Just write, without self judgement or editing.

Here are 100 things I love most in the world: Be it food, drink, people, things, places… anything. It doesn’t matter how small. These are things that bring me joy, tantalise my tastebuds, make me laugh and smile, and warm my heart.

1. Travel. Anywhere…anytime…
2. The window seat
3. Getting together, camping and travelling along with my students
4. Laughing so hard that tears come out my eyes
5. Childhood photos.
6. I love luggage
7. Silent beautiful hill stations
8. Thunder
9. Winter season
10. The smell of fresh grass
11. Kittens (and all animals!)
12. Music
13. Ethnic Foods of all kinds
14. The smoke from leaf fires (though hazardous)
15. The beach at sunrise and sunset
16. Sharing smiles and laughs
17. Cuddling in clean sheets
18. Strong coffee
19. Jack fruit and Kilichundan Mango
20. Like the silence in a church
21. Massages
22. Washing Machines. Because who has time for washing clothes!
24. The smell of a new book
25. The smell after it rains
26. Libraries
27. Random acts of kindness
28. Museums (preferably art museums)
29. Making lists
30. Kitchens
31. The colour of the sky
32. Farmer's Markets
33. Watching it rain
34. Arts and crafts
35. Any movie with Tom Hanks, Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Jack Nicholson, Harrison Ford or Johnny Depp.
36. Seashells
37. Rain on a tin roof
38. Alone time
39. Laying out by a pool
40. Lawn Grass
41. Cooking
42. Writing ....when people ask me to do
43. Bonfires
44. The sound of crickets humming.
45. Birds. I just love them.
46. Making people smile
47. Guava Juice
48. Travelling in KSRTC AC-low-floor-buses
49. Palappam and Mutton stew
50. Signatures
51. Shopping in Malls
52. Angling
53. Second chances

54. Students in Uniforms
55. The moon and stars on a cloudless night.
56. My Laptop. It’s my lifeline.
57. Dark chocolate, of which I only started enjoying over the last few years.
58. Fresh Flowers especially the smell of Jasmine flowers
59. Tree Houses
60. Christmas Tree
61. Santa Claus
62. Lazy Sundays
63. Doing what you thought to be impossible.
64. God’s Grace
65. My brother Anil..without him, I would have been something else, somewhere else. 
66. My family – Melani, Issac and Hannah
67. And finally YOU
This list is ever evolving… I’m hoping to have a photograph for each picture someday!
If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its beauty to us.


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