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Things I Love:

Things I Love: While watching a film, there was one particular quote that stood out to me:   "You are what you love and not what loves you." So today, I sat down to reflect on  what I love ...I started this list with the hopes of writing at least 50 things, thinking I could never make it to 100. But it was easier than I thought to keep listing and loving. You also try this for yourself,  do the same.  Just write, without self judgement or editing. Here are 100 things I love most in the world:  Be it food, drink, people, things, places… anything. It doesn’t matter how small. These are things that bring me joy, tantalise my tastebuds, make me laugh and smile, and warm my heart. 1. Travel. Anywhere…anytime… 2. The window seat 3. Getting together, camping and travelling along with my students 4. Laughing so hard that tears come out my eyes 5. Childhood photos. 6. I love luggage 7. Silent beautiful hill stations 8. Thunder 9. Winter season 10. The smell of fresh grass 11. Ki