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PLAYING IN VIRTUAL GROUNDS The Child, the Tablet and the Developing Mind             Children’s Day reminds of fancy dress competition and chocolate distribution at school to most of us. But when I think about writing something for the children’s day, the first thing which came to my mind was about children who are addicted to Tablets and smart phones which could be having a significant impact of the mental health of our children.             My children, like many of their peers, spend far less time in the fresh air than kids did in the past. That's unfortunate, experts say, since communing with nature offers so many benefits. Outdoor time helps kids get exercise, stimulates their senses, and promotes cognitive development. And it can also make children more relaxed.                       More and more children today have less and less contact with the natural world. And this is having a huge impact on their health and development. Why our children need to get out


Hi,             First upon I would like to thank you for your incredible encouragement and support you have given for the two books AMAZING ENGLISH and 201 ESSAYS. Now I have great pleasure in introducing before you my third book “MYSTERIES OF THE UNIVERSE” .             As a race, we humans love mysteries, regardless of whether they are simple riddles, exciting novels or something much bigger. There are many unsolved spine-chilling mysteries in this wide world even though science, technology, and research have come a very long way. While some get solved and some do offer some kind of explanation, there are still some happenings that leave the best of researchers and scientists ‘scratching their heads ’. Some ancient technological wonders can't be duplicated even today and others that are considered to be way ahead of their time.             This thrilling, adventurous and masterpiece book will give you a roller-coaster ride through the mysteries of our universe, assuri